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Let's enjoy summer!

Feature 01
A refreshing taste perfect for summer. How to make a new iced coffee using Delter Coffee Press.

"New Iced Coffee" made with Delter coffee press. This is a menu recommended for summer, where you can fully enjoy the potential of the unique specialty coffee beans.

Feature 02
I'll teach you how to make delicious Cold Brew coffee that 90% of people don't know

In this article, I'll introduce you to Cold Brew recipe and tips that anyone can easily brew exactly the same taste as a top-class coffee shop.

Feature 03
Essential items for this summer⁉︎ The pros and cons of using HyperChiller for a year and a half

In Japan, there have been various dietary habits since ancient times to lower the temperature inside the body during the hot summer months, and during the Meiji era (1868-1912), people used to make iced coffee by soaking bottled coffee in well water to cool vegetables and watermelons.

Feature 04
Luxurious cold brew coffee extracted slowly and slowly over 24 hours

"What's your favorite coffee?
My answer is always the same: "Cold brew, drip brewed over 24 hours on a hot summer day. Each drop of water slowly sinks into the coffee powder, and the water droplets that run through the layers of powder become another drop, condensing the flavor and falling down.

Feature 05
It's not bitter! not thinner! How to make delicious iced coffee using a shaker

In this theme, I'll show you how to make a simple and excellent iced coffee using a cocktail shaker to maximize the flavor of coffee beans.

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perfect espresso for home use

Clever Dripper

simple to use, and give you a cup excellent coffee.

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